Paul Davies Joins Money Story Team as Chief Behavioural Officer

Money Story helps people navigate their financial lives with a sense of confidence and optimism. As a mobile app designed to support wellbeing and economic progress, Money Story focuses on the 11 million low-income households in the UK.

Understanding that someone’s relationship with money is affected by a vast range of influences, both within themselves and externally, means Money Story needs to acknowledge the close interplay between psychology and financial health.

For this reason, we're proud to announce the appointment of Paul Davies as Chief Behavioural Officer.

With a unique background as a behavioural psychologist with extensive experience in design and advertising, we know Paul is a perfect fit to apply behavioural insights into Money Story.

Paul’s ability to translate behavioural science into absorbing design and clear language gives us a fresh way to apply first-class thinking to our framework. Increasing our emphasis on psychology enables us to inject deeper insight into human decision making, which encourages, supports and empowers our members to make better choices for themselves.

Paul has previously helped design, write and innovate for leading brands such as Santander, HSBC, BBC, NHS, GSK and the UK Department for Work & Pensions. Paul is a member of the British Psychological Society and an Oxford Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He has lectured and written for both academic and corporate audiences on the application of psychological research to design-based projects. He also founded the online magazine Designer Psychology, contributed to publications such as the Financial Times, Vox, The Verge, and featured on UK television as a design psychologist.

You can follow Paul at @theDesignPsych

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