About Us.

Money Story was developed by Jones Oviawe and Frantisek Nushart through the LaunchPad program; a start-up incubator hosted by Falmouth University.


They realised the lack of confidence people had when dealing with their finances. This lead Jones and Franta into combining their knowledge of cognitive informatics, psychology and design as they strove to create a financial app set aside from its competitors.


Money Story will redefine how people view their finances by establishing an optimistic, proactive stance as they work towards their aspirations.

We are empowering people to gain a positive sense of well-being through our financial reflection app, which will help people reach their own unique goals.

Jones Oviawe

Co-founder, Commercial Development Director

Jones’ background consisted chiefly of senior sale consultancy roles within the technology sector. This was before he went onto co-found and become the chief operating officer of the start-up company Precision Sports Technology, based in East London. He is a certified business intermediary and has experience owning and running a franchise with Sunbelt Business Brokers.


Jones’ passion for philosophy helped shape the way Money Story was designed. He is loves spending time with his young family and seeking out new opportunities.

Frantisek Nushart

Co-founder, Product Development Director

Frantas’ curiosity and subsequent search for knowledge has lead him all over the world. He studied Architecture and Urbanism in the Czech Republic and then Computer Sciences in Prague.


After completing his first Masters in Cognitive Informatics he then settled in South Korea in order to pursue a degree in User Experience and Design. His diverse skill set has seen him elevate brands like L’Oréal, Philips and Inbody.


Frantas curiosity never fades, he’s constantly looking into new things. He loves running, climbing, playing guitar and photography.

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