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Money Story was founded by Jones Oviawe and Frantisek Nushart who met on the Falmouth Launchpad program; a start-up incubator and master’s degree study program based in Cornwall, United Kingdom.


Jones and Frantisek brought together their experiences in fatigue-indicating wearable sports technology and cognitive informatics, psychology, and design, to help people redefine their relationships with money and establish an optimistic, proactive stance in moving towards their aspirations.

We are empowering people to gain
a positive sense of well-being through our financial reflection app which will help them reach their unique futures.

Frantisek Nushart

Co-founder, Product Development Director

Frantisek trained as an architect initially studying Architecture and Urbanism. Subsequently, he went on to secure a degree in Computer Sciences before securing his master's in Cognitive Informatics. After a period of travelling in South-East Asia and User Experience studies in Seoul, South Korea, Frantisek sought to apply his diverse expertise in Design and Commercial Communication projects for the likes of L'Oreal, Inbody and Philips.


Franta has a love for design and his constant curiosity about pretty much everything never fades. He enjoys running, entertaining ideas, climbing, playing the guitar and photography.

Jones Oviawe

Co-founder, Commercial Development Director

Jones was Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at a sports technology start-up Precision Sports Technologies in 2016. Jones's has also held senior sales leadership roles within technology most recently developing UK markets for San Francisco's early-stage software venture; Intapp and commercial roles for the likes of Thomson Reuters Legal, British Telecoms and Mintel.


Jones has a love for mentoring, coaching, philosophy, writing and spending time with his young family. He is also a keen fitness fanatic promoting the health of the mind and body.

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