Financial wellbeing at your fingertips.

Whether it's the 11 million people in UK from low income households or the 4.4 million in their twenties and thirties who identify finance related anxiety as affecting their wellbeing higher than self-esteem or body image, financial wellbeing is a significant and currently unaddressed issue affecting so many people.

The financially anxious no longer need to live with ‘blinds on’ when it comes to navigating their financial lives.

The Money Story App helps people improve their wellbeing and optimise financially through gamified reflections, self-discovery and learning experiences.



By understanding their financial identities, motivations and attitudes , people can improve their financial self-awareness, develop enabling behaviours while rewriting their Money Stories for purpose. 

Your Money Psychology

Understand your money psychology, goals and motivations for positive change.


Develop more financial awareness to get on course and achieve future goals.


Track your financial and wellbeing improvement for that sense of calm and direction.

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